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Meeting SEXY russian brides & HOT ukrainian girls datingRussian women seek foreign marriage: Why?

Russian woman dating tips advice Russian women's psychology is totally different from women of the West. An old notion 'love in a cottage' was forgotten many years ago. Almost 80 % of Russian women mean the availability of a nice bank account by the happy marriage. Such women get married to the first one with a foreign passport. Other poor 20 per cent consists of Russian ladies disappointed in their boyfriends and seeking their true love all over the globe and becoming typical mail order brides. These adventurers for new sensual love feelings usually are in a long romantic correspondence and unfortunately seldom get married, as such "brides" do not know exactly what they need for love and why. Below are the reasons of such choices of Russian women:

- Scarcity of men in Russia. Men die earlier, many the prime of life, or are subject to serious illnesses. As a result, every tenth Russian woman at the age of 35 will not wear a bride's dress again.

- Harmful habits. Russian are men notorious for their hard drinking. People are so accustomed to that misfortune, that if a husband does not drink, he is considered almost an angel, even if his character is far from perfect.

- Crisis of modern Russia. Its living standards differ from Western ones. And the stability, which is a dream of every bride-to-be, moves away further and further. A decent Russian woman wishes happiness and well being to her children, but she doubts 'bright tomorrow' for Russia, same for her children. Therefore russianwomen try to settle themselves in more prosperous countries. No one can blame these women for cowardice. Contrary to popular belief most of these young women from Russia do not cherish the idea of leaving their country, family and friends to a foreign culture abroad.

Single Russian women, frustrated by their love life, do not have to stay alone during the whole life and have a right for the happiness and decent life. In fact, Russian women, be they hot or not, despaired in the reality of their society are very brave and adventurous, as they have courage to face a new life, full of handicaps and misunderstanding, but a getaway to the made-up paradise. We should respect the choice of these ladies, as they are still remain true Russian women!

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